Hi, I'm Jessi Kessel. I want to help you market your dealership. Would you like my advice?

Our Approach

Our approach is simple yet brilliant. Create effective, dynamic content by focusing on what makes your dealership unique.

Target your immediate community through multi-channel marketing to introduce your message and brand to the right people.

Convert views, clicks and phone calls into real leads to drive traffic to your dealership.

Our Solution

At Machete, we have packages that fit your needs and your budget. We work with you to identify the holes in your process and areas that need to be improved. Based on our conversations, we will create a custom solution for the results you want to achieve.

Our Promise

Machete Marketing Inc. promises to deliver high quality marketing solutions that meet the content outlined in our proposal. Should we fail to deliver according to this promise, or should you be dissatisfied with any aspects of our work, we can deduct any amount from the final payment which is deemed as fair.

Further to this, we promise to always stay in communication and be accessible to you, both during and after working hours. We promise to treat your respectfully, and to be honest throughout our partnership, even if it doesn't benefit us.

Now that you know what to expect, what can I help you with?


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